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Savannah Holly Bush Form (Ilex x attenuata 'Savannah')

Savannah Holly Bush Form (Ilex x attenuata 'Savannah')

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the stunning Savannah Holly Bush Form (Ilex x attenuata 'Savannah')! Immerse yourself in the beauty of this evergreen shrub, cherished for its lush foliage and vibrant red berries.

The Savannah Holly Bush Form, scientifically known as Ilex x attenuata 'Savannah,' is ideally suited for USDA hardiness zones 6 to 9, making it adaptable to a variety of climates.

Planting your Savannah Holly Bush Form is a joyous endeavor. Select a location with full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil. Dig a hole that is twice the width of the root ball and just as deep. Carefully remove the shrub from its container, ensuring the roots are undisturbed, and place it in the hole. Backfill with soil, and water generously to settle the roots. A layer of mulch around the base will help retain moisture and suppress weeds.

As your Savannah Holly Bush Form matures, relish in its glossy, dark green leaves that create an attractive backdrop to the landscape year-round. During the fall and winter, the shrub bears striking red berries that provide a pop of color and serve as a valuable food source for wildlife.

The Savannah Holly Bush Form's compact and dense growth habit makes it an excellent choice for hedges, borders, or specimen plantings. It also tolerates urban conditions well, making it a versatile addition to both residential and commercial landscapes.

Our website is your ultimate resource for all things Savannah Holly Bush Form, offering care tips, pruning techniques, and inspiring landscaping ideas. Learn how to incorporate this delightful shrub into your garden and enjoy its beauty throughout the seasons. Happy gardening and bask in the charm of the Savannah Holly Bush Form!

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